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PLU Fantasy Football Page

RIP Foss Hall


Commissioners: Regan Babst & Aaron Hushagen


  • Dues

  • $45 per year to be paid prior to the first kickoff of week 1 of the regular NFL season

  • Late Fees: Once your dues are late, the fine is $10. It will be an additional $5 for each additional week the dues are late. All late fees will be paid to the 1st place finisher.

  • Payout

  • 1st place= $200 + all late fees and fines from the year

  • 2nd place = $70

  • Reg. Season point leader = $40

  • Weekly point leader = $10 per week (14 weeks x $10 = $140 total)

  • Roster Fines

  • $5 fine per week for not setting your lineup. This includes starting players who are on bye, suspended, or were ruled out at the start of the week.

  • Fines are only for egregious violations. Fines will not apply for players that are ruled out mid-week or if there is a strategic reason for leaving an open spot on the roster (like leaving a kicker or D out of your lineup so you don’t get negative points). As a rule of thumb, fines are reserved for those who do not check their lineup at all during the week.

  • If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to set your lineup for a particular week, talk to the commissioner to work something out.

  • The commissioner will assess all fines. Any fine can be appealed by putting it up to a vote by the rest of the league.

Other League Rules/Setting (scoring, rosters, waivers, etc.)

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